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This will be the next book I buy

By Lilred, member

Feb 4, 2009: I’d been hearing about this one for months now. But I only started it yesterday – on my screen – and I am so hooked that I must now own Little Brother printed on dead trees, even if I make it to the end before I get around to buying it.

Here’s the thing. Cory Doctorow is a web geek. He’s also a web geek who knows how to tell a good story. Neither the political implications (and these are scary) – nor the tech talk – distracts me from wanting to know what happens next.

From what I understand, Neil Gaiman’s given Little Brother the super thumbs up. Teachers are lining up to buy it so they can bring it into their classrooms and teach it next to Orwell. I don’t think I can extol the virtues of anything better than Mr Gaiman, and I’m not going to try. Just go click on it for yourself and check it out. You can read it for free in html (my choice), text, or as a PDF. Or you can buy it from just about anywhere you like.

I didn’t submit Little Brother to WFG, but I’m amazed no one did it before now, and also that I’m the first person to review it. Major publisher or no, this is the kind of writing that we should all aspire to – especially if we write fiction and present it on the web.

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