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The Last Skull by Robert C. Rodgers

Teenagers. Super-heroes. Explosions. Time-travel.

After her mother died in a car accident, Sue Daysdale never expected to stumble upon the family secret—that the mild-mannered soccer mom who taught her how to dance, sing, and properly dress a wound was the Skull, one of the most legendary (and terrifying) super-heroes alive. Now, saddled with an unpaid mortgage, a drug-addicted guardian, and a basement full of . . .

A complete novel.
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By Tahjir, member

Jul 3, 2010: The Last Skull is a realistic coming-of-age story about a sixteen year old girl coming to terms with and inheriting a family secret that just happens to involve a famous superhero persona.

I’m not a huge fan of superhero stories and comics, something about the complex, soap-opera-ish story lines mixed with the action typical of the genre turns me off instantly.

So I started reading The Last Skull hesitantly, expecting spandex-covered superhumans [more . . .]

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