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By Tahjir, member

Jul 3, 2010: The Last Skull is a realistic coming-of-age story about a sixteen year old girl coming to terms with and inheriting a family secret that just happens to involve a famous superhero persona.

I’m not a huge fan of superhero stories and comics, something about the complex, soap-opera-ish story lines mixed with the action typical of the genre turns me off instantly.

So I started reading The Last Skull hesitantly, expecting spandex-covered superhumans hurling cars and long-winded speeches at each other. I ended up reading everything that has been posted and wishing there was more.

I love realistic action, where acts of violence and the injuries that follow have consequences that you might expect in the real world. While there haven’t been many actions scenes so far, and there’s only been one superhero involved, what has been posted is well written and realistic.

Being a complete newbie when it comes to superhero stories, I’m fascinated by the perspective of some of the characters in this story, namely the ones who don’t have powers themselves. It’s neat seeing the world from their view, watching from the ground as these heroes and their opposites wage war.

I think this story is worth checking out even if you’re not interested in the genre, and would probably serve as a great introduction. It’ll be interesting to see where the author takes the world, and what sorts of heroes and villains appear.

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