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The Last Skull by Robert C. Rodgers

Teenagers. Super-heroes. Explosions. Time-travel.

After her mother died in a car accident, Sue Daysdale never expected to stumble upon the family secret—that the mild-mannered soccer mom who taught her how to dance, sing, and properly dress a wound was the Skull, one of the most legendary (and terrifying) super-heroes alive. Now, saddled with an unpaid mortgage, a drug-addicted guardian, and a basement full of . . .

A complete novel.
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Defection by Taulsn

We would appreciate it if time travel, interdimensional invaders, and all the fairies would kindly get stuffed

Alecia is smart, driven, and . . . bored. She is one of the best at what she does, and this is not a good thing given the sheer capacity for chaos she is capable of inciting. Jessica is a dangerous fighter, with a troubled past, voted most likely to shoot up the school. Prysim is very likely the smartest super villain alive, . . .

A complete novel.
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Alecia will steal your heart. Prysim will steal your wallet.

By AntonShine, author of Contrarion

Sep 16, 2016: This is my first review, so forgive me if it’s not very good. Or long.

How to sum up this story? Alecia, a young woman, is the smartest girl on the planet. What does such a bright girl to do keep herself busy? Why, run around as one of the world’s most dangerous supervillains! As Prysim, she’s on the whole world’s watchlist. Think Iron Man with more money, fewer scruples, and a pair of super-powered homosexual friends/lackeys/clients.

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