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By Loribeth215, author of The Daughters of Warring

Feb 16, 2010: Corvus takes place in a world where two types of humans exist, the superior (homo cognocens), and supposedly inferior (homo sapiens). In this story, Zach is of the superior breed, while Laura is what we’d consider a normal human.

At its heart, Corvus is a tale of two young people from different backgrounds falling in love. The story weaves in and out of virtual reality, through adventures (such as a bear hunt), and unsettling episodes of "normalcy" (we witness a nasty fight between Laura’s parents, which seems a frequent occurance in their household). Corvus is at its best when navigating the gray area between the moral high ground and what is perceived as socially acceptable. Both of these characters struggle with their need to be with each other, and the social reprecussions that they’d have to face.

The writing has a very lyrical feel to it. There are run ons and repetition that were put in for dramatic effect. At times this can be annoying, but the story overall is worth reading, and is very engaging.

While the story would benefit from a few bits of exposition to explain the dynamics of the world that Corvus exits in, it’s worth a read.

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