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By intergal, member

Jun 16, 2010: Corvus slips between the story of Zach and Laura, and then Zach’s ‘professional’ life with the Fulgrid as a homo cognscens, a new evolution of human that has ‘developed’ special powers at a cost.

Previous reviewers have focused on the high school elements and the developing love story between Zach and Laura, but it would be a mistake to define this as just a high school love story. It may look like Twilight or High School Musical on the outside because the primary characters are in high school, but this is much closer to Wallander or Luthor in tone.

I’ve not gotten all of the way through Corvus yet, but so far the tone has always been very dark. Laura might be one of the more popular girls at school, but she’s under no illusions and doesn’t bang on all the time about fashion and boy bands. Likewise, while Zach may be presented as an outsider at school, he’s hardly your standard bad-boy figure. The characterisation is always very balanced, and Lowe does not shy away from the depictions of discrimination against cognoscens. This can make for discomforting reading at times, but it is very fascinating and realistic in that respect.

The story is listed as being Young Adult, and as much as I do love reading it, I don’t know that younger teenagers will perhaps appreciate Corvus’ messages as much. However, I don’t think that you should let that put you off. If you think that cyberpunk with a twist of romance will appeal to you, then you should definitely give Corvus a spin.

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