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By AGreyWorld, author of A Grey World

Sep 14, 2013: I know I’m enjoying a multi-POV work when at the end of a chapter I get annoyed to be leaving one character hanging. It’s even better when I get the same feeling all over again going back to the original!

It means I’m getting more invested with the characters with each update. And they are well written. Importantly, they develop. Even in ‘Part 1’ there are striking changes – it’s satisfying.

The world . . . interests me. At first, being honest, it put me off. It struck me as very star treky. Lots of humanoid ‘races’ in political turmoil. The technology was similarly tricordery and seemingly fuzzy. I like my sci-fi hard (no euphemism intended).

But it really did grow on me. The author has put a lot of effort into constructing a detailed and well explained universe. She also ties it in with our mythical history in a way I haven’t seen before (though it may have been done). But mainly, once I’d gotten past the treky feel, it really did come alive. Things didn’t seem like they were pulled out of the ‘sci-fi’ hat and mushed together – it’s coherent. The cultures are developed and unique and, importantly, work. Nothing feels out of place.

The site could do with some work and strikes me as a little dated. But I’m a stickler for nice design . . . I’d recommend the author simplifies it. The mobile version was pleasant with simple white text on black. The full version has the text on a backdrop of stars which I find distracting. It’s certainly readable though.

I didn’t spot many typos – but then I’m really bad at picking up on things like that. I suspect that the author has done an editing session since Palladian review.

It’s well worth a read.

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