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Dreigiau by Aywren Sojourner

AsaHi sets out to disprove the existence of the legendary Dragon Patron, Zemi Dreigiau. However, Zemi is more real than she ever imagined. When AsaHi unknowingly opens a gateway to the Arweinydd realms, she becomes tangled in a battle between the ancient forces that threaten even the Dreigiau. The secrets hidden within AsaHi can help the Dragon Patron, but . . .

A complete series.
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Tale of the Dragon…

By J.A. Waters, author of From the Moon: Home

Mar 6, 2015: Dreigiau is a sprawling tale that currently has four books available on its official site. The tale starts with the introduction to a frozen northern land where two siblings, Zento and SaRa, face certain death as their family succumbs to a blizzard . . . and yet somehow they survive, somehow they find their way to a mystical cave that keeps them alive.

Flash forward an untold number of years and the first chapter introduces the reader to AsaHi. Through her thoughts it seems that [more . . .]

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