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Larkenia’s Flaws by Morgan O'Friel

Death is only the beginning 

Cyrne is a town on the brink of self-destruction, where humanity is Blessed, gender is immaterial and They linger behind every home. Preying on the weak, They slip from their wooden natures for a brief respite.

With more humans winding up dead each day, public officials have fostered a program to destroy Their habitat and drive Them out. So far the success has been a double-edged sword; looking for a new home, They have begun leaking into the human gene pool- resulting in a Flaw whose very existence is punishable by death.

A novel, no longer online

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Listed: Jun 28, 2008

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It’s a gritty, sexy world that makes you want to dive right into it.

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Jul 28, 2008: Larkenia’s Flaws, if memory serves me correctly, was the first web serial that I ever read and damn! What an introduction! The world that Morgan has created is one of the most vivid, gritty places I’ve ever read about. This isn’t your typical prancing fairies fantasy land. Very bad things happen to perceptively bad people, and a few who are stuck in the middle. Unlucky for them.

There’s a fair amount of sex in this story and not just hetero, either. Lines of sexuality don’t exist in this story so it’s pretty much if you want to have sex with it, nothing’s going to stop you. The world gets rid of any and all barriers when it comes to sex but it doesn’t mean that the world is free of prejudice, though. If you’re a Flaw, you’re nothing but bad. Sucks for you!

Something that’s rather prominent in the middle two sections of the story is an over-abundance of adjectives. I remember one chapter that was only a few paragraphs long but amounted to, once the fat was cut, a couple of sentences of action. The rest was very thick description. For me anyway, it became overwhelming as the story went on but since the site switch, it seems that Morgan’s toned down a bit on the description. Not that I don’t like description, but this became a little much.

The world is a very complex one and you have to follow it pretty closely in order to understand what’s going on, especially considering there are so many characters and so many subplots interwoven into each other. Chances are you’ll have to read back a chapter or two when you get an update just to refresh your memory of what’s going on. Not necessarily a bad thing but is it a little hard to keep track of you’re just leisurely reading it.

I love the fact that Morgan actually worked with a speech therapist to come up with the dialect in her story. That just shows how much effort she’s willing to put into her work. Unfortunately i can’t help but connect that accent with how people sound when they have a head cold. It’s a consistent piece of the story but I just can help it, every time I read it, to connect it to clogged sinuses.

Overall, very much worth the read. We got another "don’t miss" here. The effort of the author reflects in the quality of the writing, the intricacies of the world and the development of the characters. Every character in this story has the feeling that you can just reach out and touch them, they’re that realistic. Their beings are as gritty as the world around them and it makes their sufferings and triumphs all the more fantastic to read. If you want a rich, dirty, vivid vortex of a world, read this story. It certainly won’t be time wasted.

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A highly visual, visceral trip to another world

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Jul 9, 2008: Larkenia’s Flaws is a dark fantasy. I like dark.

A lot.

There is something very addicting about the story, world, and characters that pulls you along. When I first started to read it, I caught up on 53 installments in one day (44 in one sitting).

I am having trouble putting into words just what exactly about the story made me keep going [more . . .]

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