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Joined: Dec 28, 2008

Hi, I'm new to reviewing fiction, especially web fiction, but I love to read so I suppose that gives me some qualifications for this "job".

I read a lot of fantasy, especially young adult and kiddie lit. I also read science fiction, historical fiction (especially historical mysteries), and general fiction. I occasionally dabble in the classics, just for variety.

I like stories. I like a plot, some humour and a sense that the story is going somewhere. I like characters that are more than cardboard cutouts or stereotypes—people that I can like or at least sympathise with. I'm not much for prolonged angst or anger.

In my reviews, I'll try to talk about what I liked about the story, what I thought could have been better, and what the style reminded me of. I've read a lot of books and most stories remind me of at least one other story I've read. I find that helps me decide why I liked the story and who else might like it.

I can be reached at lschoales at webfictionguide dot com.

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