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Joined: Jun 22, 2008

Hi! I'm one of the editors here at the Web Fiction Guide. My tastes in fiction vary widely, though I tend to prefer character-driven stuff and spare, unadorned writing. I do prefer altered universes, but that's certainly not a requirement for me.

In terms of my reviews, I try to be balanced in my reporting: pointing out what I like and dislike about a story. I figure you can't really believe a purely positive or purely negative review, so I don't generally write them. Of course, if I do write something purely positive, I must be feeling pretty impressed.

Generally speaking, when reading something, I start from the beginning. Of course, as serial stuff tends to change over time, that means I might end up drawing the wrong conclusions about some stories—especially if I review without finishing them. If you feel I did that with something of yours, please drop me a line—I might be convinced to take a second look.

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Winter Rain

An abandoned novel

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