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Joined: Aug 17, 2008

As far as genres, I prefer speculative fiction. I also enjoy niche works, in whichever genre they're placed in. That doesn't mean I won't stray outside of it, when reading, but I do prefer things that have some supernatural/fantastical - or, at least, quirky - aspects to it. Don't worry, though: if the genre doesn't interest me, I probably won't read a serial in the first place.

I'm also a big fan of queer and female characters. They are frequently under-represented in mainstream fiction, and the web serial medium gives authors and readers a chance to address that. As with genres, however, I'll read a wide variety of sexualities and characters. So long as there's depth and quirks, chances are the characters will hook me.

When reading and reviewing a serial, I look for more than just technical proficiency. A serial should be something I look forward to reading, that I can't keep away from. Because of the extended time that a serial runs, they should have a spark that keeps readers coming back. That's something that I look and rate for almost as much as technical proficiency.

When reading and reviewing, I also pay attention to the presentation of the serial. Because of the medium, a serial also needs a website that makes the reading experience easy and accessible. Easy navigation, an uncluttered page, proper formatting, and accessible colors and fonts are essential to the reading process. Without these things, you could be posting the most intriguing story in the world, but I won't be able to read it.

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