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Darkside: Immortality with a sense of humor.

By Jaeger, member

Jun 17, 2011: I had writer’s block so I took a step away from my own projects and looked for something fun to read. After a few disappointments, I stumbled upon Darkside and devoured the whole story in one sitting.

Having played White Wolf’s Changeling, Werewolf and Vampire, I felt at home in the story. The main character, James, narrates in the first person with humor and descriptive visuals that really help you ‘see’ the strangeness that envelopes him.

The mood was light and humorous despite some pretty dark themes and the writing was very solid. The secondary characters are fun and likable. The story, while steeped in the traditional ‘quest to save X from evil Y’, flows so well you don’t really notice any cliches. Besides, the author pokes fun at the obvious ones for you anyway.

Needless to say, I very much enjoyed Darkside and recommend it to anyone looking for a breath of fresh air in some well traveled themes. Give the first two chapters a try and you’ll see why.

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