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By Taulsn, author of Reaper

Apr 15, 2016: I’ve been reading Domina City for a surprising amount of time now. Every update is of consistent quality, and generally on time, that’s a big plus in it’s favor. Like G.S. Williams said in 2012 it’s a RPG world, and that hasn’t changed. Lots more powers have been added, and there was supposedly a massive upheaval politically. The problem is I didn’t see that have much of an effect in the story, and that’s the problem. Despite how much has happened in the story, with the exception of maybe two events nothing has changed. The main character is a sociopath and hasn’t really evolved past that, and the big guardian character is still a big guardian. I haven’t seen much growth.

That aside there is quite a few scenes of pure badassery, that are quite frankly ‘worth it’. So if you like reading action, in a setting the author has clearly put a lot of thought into give Domina a chance.

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