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Fatally funny

By stuntwriter, member

Dec 4, 2008: If the Cohen Brothers wrote end-of-the-world, zombie-inspired, black comedy-style horror, this is the story they’d write.

Sam, the antihero of Fatal Cure, is busy saving his skin as everyone around him is taken over by Parasites. If you want a mental picture (and don’t mind mixing your genres/movie-references), think of a cowardly, overweight Bruce Willis spending a whole movie avoiding Aliens. Sam survives by looting shops and taking every kind of drug he can find and, while he’s teetering on the edge of suicide, finds another uninfected person. The trouble is she wants his help and he’s basically a selfish pig.

Hilarious, suspenseful and absorbing. There’s nothing predictable about this story.

(Disclaimer: the author is my brother, however I’m recommending his story because it has me hooked. Him I can take or leave.)

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