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Half-Made Girls by Sam Witt


When meth-addled cultists begin leaving half-made girls hanging in Pitchfork County, only the Night Marshal and his strange family can stop the coming storm of evil.

Note: Half-Made Girls contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A complete novel

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Listed: Jun 16, 2013


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American Gothic Horror

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Oct 6, 2013: This is a wonderful, horrific example of American Gothic.

I was first drawn to check out Half Made Girls on Jukepop Serials by my curiosity about the weird title and cover image. In the first paragraph, a hungover Night Marshal goes to check out a crime scene. When you read the line "Elsa, his daughter, hopped along next to him with her peculiar, hands-and-feet gait." you realize, we’re not in Kansas anymore. In fact, we’re in Pitchfork County, Missouri – hillbilly country, and this story is firmly rooted in place. The real life horrors of meth addiction become an evil cradling for a desperate cult of black magic.

While the horror isn’t really my thing, I can’t help but notice this is very well written, showing the marks of a highly original imagination. The Night Marshal’s family is "strange", which is saying a lot by Pitchfork County standards. Finding out just how fascinated me throughout the early chapters. Then the Night Marshal and his son get hot on the trail of a bad guy, and the real horror, in all its blood, gore, raw screams, and insanity-inducing inscriptions, begins. It becomes hard to look and hard to look away.

Fans of the dark supernatural and conflicted antiheroes will want to check this one out, and it is worthy, if you can stomach it. Personally, it became a bit much for me. It’s well done, but it certainly goes into that realm of hardcore blood and gore horror.

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