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Quick Review: Lovergirl

By Wildbow, author of Ward

Oct 18, 2013: For what it is, Lovergirl is pretty darn good. What is it? It’s a girl by the name of Adrian, formerly chaste, deciding to become a ‘bad girl’, flinging herself into the lurid worlds of stripping, porn, S&M and prostitution.

It should go without saying that this story is for adult audiences. That said, it’s not pornography, not quite. The focus is more on the character than on the sexuality, the effects of the job on her mind, emotions and body.

In the end, the balance the author strikes is a funny one. The pretext for starting on this journey is somewhat flimsy, which is something I’d dismiss if it were a purely pornographic story, but the story’s a little more involved than that. It feels like it’s trying to find a halfway point between a true introspective and a lewd work, and I didn’t quite feel it. I’m probably not the target audience, though, and the target audience would be more liable to take this stuff in stride.

It’s the feeling that the balance isn’t quite struck that left me with the 4-star rating, along with other things that didn’t quite jibe. In terms of the writing, Lovergirl picked things up a little too quickly to feel ‘real’, and dropped many of them with the same haste, leaving me feeling like it was more unresolved than anything. The ‘stripper’ arc, for example, ends with a single paragraph. In a way, this is fitting, for the diary of a young woman who is apparently going to great lengths on a whim, to write with the same unpredictability, but it threw me as a reader.

In terms of the story, her cavalier response to drugs and the ease with which she seemed to jump into these new things didn’t seem to jibe with the ‘virginial, chaste’ image she seems to have of herself.

But, at the end of the day, it was interesting, it felt pretty real and honest in terms of what was being depicted (as far as the situation, if not quite the character herself) and the writing was engaging (but for the fits and starts mentioned above). Not really my thing, but perhaps it’s yours, whether you want a glimpse into the background of lewder things or a more . . . titillating read.

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