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Character Driven Superhero Fiction

By Team Contract, member

Oct 16, 2016: Sanctioned is a superhero themed web serial that revolves around the lives of several young women in a near future Scotland. They each possess powers, some to greater degrees than others, but all failed to pass the test to become government sanctioned "superheroes" and thus must each determine their own paths towards a future unknown.

This is the basic premise of Sanctioned and serves as the platform for the main characters. It’s hard to describe Sanctioned in terms of its plot, because it actually has several, each following one of the main characters. If I were to peg it to a genre, I would say that this leans more towards YA/NA dystopian urban fiction set in a superhero world. So while there are superheroes, don’t expect the normal coming of age superhero storyline line. Instead you’ll find very in depth character studies through the challenging of social issues and norms. In short, there is quite a bit of meat here.

The real selling point of this series, however, is the amazing all female cast. The Author’s writing style lends to bringing authenticity and genuine empathy to each of the women. It was this level of detail and interaction between the characters that won me over in the first chapter. And it only gets more interesting as the story goes on.

Those expecting a driving plot may be confused by the narrative at first, as the characters are introduced and the plot lines begin to diverge, but to those readers I say stick with it, it makes sense as it goes on. And to those readers who love strong character driven fiction, they will be in for a treat.

A recommended read.

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