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Joined: Jun 30, 2008

Hello all,

My name is Drew Daniels and I'm the creator of the world's favorite anti-hero/vampire James Damian. Well maybe not the world's favorite . . . but mine at least.

Before I say anything else . . . It should be noted that I'm a bit of a scatter-brain, often jumping from one idea to another and back again. My trains of thought tend to be easily derailed and make frequent pit stops. I try not to jump to often, but its still something that I feel I should warn you about.

I've been a reader of webcomics for a good majority of my life, and a reader of web-serials for about a year. I'm a huge fan of fantasy and Sci-Fi and as such I own numerous books to that effect. I have no other credentials that I could spew about why I'm a good editor other than I read alot.

My tastes in literature can be quite odd, as I generally find a majority of "stupid shit" to be incredibly funny. I'm a huge fan of comedy and I believe that every story should at some point contain something that makes me giggle.

I haven't done a lot of reviewing in the past, and as a result I really can't tell you how much of a hardass I can be but I will tell you this. Nothing irritates me more than a site that I can't easily navigate. Layout and general site design are huge deals to me, and unlike other authors out there, if it's a pain in the ass to read because of color or font choice, I'm not going to read it.

If there is something about one of my reviews that you either find unfair or disagree with, I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and elaborate on my decisions. You can contact me here

As an afterthought, I've decided to take up the Donna/Sonja Review Method with one difference. They say you have 5 to impress me. I say you have 5 to make me laugh.

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