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Plenty of Positives

By Tim Sevenhuysen, author of Special People

Dec 9, 2011: Though I haven’t read Above Ground, which this story is apparently related to, I found Theater of Horrors interesting to work through. There was definitely some CYOA nostalgia involved!

There were plenty of hints at a bigger story going on in the background, and a lot of world-building that I was only seeing bits and pieces of. I can only assume that I’d find these moments more specifically interesting if I had read more from AM Harte’s other Above Ground work.

My criticism is that most of the branches seem to be either "you continue the story" or "the story ends." Whenever I hit an "ending" page I felt like I had simply made the "wrong" choice, so I went back and continued on down the other path. Rather than feeling like I was reaching a branching story with multiple options, I felt like I was being led through a linear story with a handful of death scenarios adding onto the sides here and there.

Overall, the writing is good, and I was definitely interested in seeing where things went. The execution wasn’t quite CYOA perfection, but I can imagine that it’s a very challenging style of writing to work with.

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