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Lots of good, but I am mixed

By CorpseMoney, member

Nov 30, 2016: As the title says I am mixed on Anathema, I’m mid way through the 13th volume/chapter?

Overall I like the setting, I like the characters. I like the writing, it has a quality about it that is nearly everything I like in a story. But other parts are personally cringe worthy.

Most of all Overdrive/Peter his character I am so unsure of, and I believe its mostly the writers fault. Idk if he wants us to think Peter is a perverted creep or not. I am not sure if it is just the writers personality bleeding through, or he is trying to portray a pervert sex obsessed teen with good characteristics.

Those are my biggest problems with Anathema, the parts the make me cringe make me do so very hard. And the likeable parts are great.

But overall the characterization, and plotting is in my unimportant opinion very weak.

The plot for me has a similar quality to worm, where the writer is escalating each volume so quickly I barely get settled with the last issue. And the characters decisions to not do the obvious don’t often make logical sense other than for plots sake.

But back to my original issue, characters sexualization and intimacy. Some writers do this more than others, but in this story all the characters interelations don’t seem very realistic. Or are just a poor dramatization of what the writer has experienced, and I understand the author could only have experienced what he has. But it hurts the story for me.

Sarina is this super nice, naïve good girl, yet came from a foster care system, and had a somewhat? bad childhood? Idk girls that I’ve known like that, are nothing like sarina. He backstory, and characterization don’t mesh for me.

DJ(forget his real name) comes across in my opinion as some form of the author in real life. Super nice guy who just hopes the girl will like him, much like most nerds. While Overdrive/Peter is another form on his true self in relationships, a super big pervert scheming to score.

While his allusions that he forms with Radiant and female interaction are also painful, and naïve. Radiant is a chisled manly man, and every girl in the story falls on his sword, or try to.

The way one volume goes someplace, and then the next goes back and explains it from another characters POV is also painful for me. Personally I didn’t care about what Christina was going through in volume 12, and going back to it was a waste of time. She didn’t see very resourceful, or anything that needed to be explored in a whole volume. But painfully we had to read through it.

And the entire development with Gentleman creating an idea of Dancer as the Antithesis, only to make himself such a big villain that he need to be destroyed. And his destruction creates the antithesis was painfully pointless?

Again for me the Gentleman’s characterization was weak, at first he was painted as a resourceful, opportunistic villain, a mastermind of sorts. But in the end he becomes this painful gamey thrill seeker villain? Seemed a large waste in the end.

But after all my gripes I did enjoy what I read, and others may enjoy it more than I did cause there is good writing within. But I probably will not get caught up, or continue reading Anathema. Feels like it has the same problems that worm had for me, only the characterization in Anathema is much weaker than worm.

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