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A Sims 3 Mystery

By S.A. Hunter, editor, author of Stalking Shadows

Jul 26, 2010: The Valley of the Sun is a completed story told through the Sims 3. I read Alice and Kev a while back, and while both stories use images from the game for illustration, VotS is not a simple observational story. It has an author generated plot. The story begins with a reporter named Lilith being given the assignment of researching an old abandoned house that has had mysterious lights on at night. Soon people begin dying, and Lilith is the prime suspect. Someone or something seems to be invading her [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Rough start, but has promise, some shocks for shocks sake

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jan 15, 2015: Okay, so imagine fight club, only the two halve speak to each other in their joined head, and oh, Durden is a very violent sociopath who takes over the body, with super powers, whenever someone kills them, regenerating instantly. (And I desperately hope for a scene where the not evil side describes him as psychotic to someone who quickly corrects him that Milgram is a sociopath, not a psycopath, but I get the feeling it’s the author who doesn’t know the difference.

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