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A strange girl punches gods and searches for her sister

By trustworthy_puppy, member

May 10, 2017: Taint follows the story of Akasha, a strange inhuman girl that is the subject of a cruel experiment. She has to fight desperately to get out of a planar prison where she mysteriously got teleported. The only thing that keep her going is the hope that one day she’ll be able to find her dear sister again.

Taint is inspired by chinese light novels, full of cultivation techniques, Ki manipulation, and godlike beings.

I could never finish a translated light novel. Despite the best effort of amateur translators, I always found their prose terribly boring, the misspelling mistakes too numerous to count and the lack of plot unforgivable. The latter is often replaced with a litany of skills the MC learns, and cultivation levels that he/she hopes to reach. There is a reason training montages exist in movies : without Eye of the Tiger (or the Mulan song), those things takes too damn long for too little a reward.

These issues cannot be found here. Taint is well written and the author balances very well the power progression of Akasha with the narrative needs of the story. A little bit of mystery here, a little bit of humour there, and before you know it you’re pages deep in this webfiction, walking next to Akasha and her companions, fighting demons and martial artists left and right.

After writing an arc, the author takes the time to edit it, correcting the few typos that the readers missed and filling plot holes with the remains of Akasha’s enemies. This is really appreciated.

I believe the author can still improve as a writer (in showing and telling, in writing characters with deeper personalities and motivations, etc.), but his/her dedication and ideas shine through Taint and elevate it far above the average. I recommend it.

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No title

By Jester0fDeath, member

Apr 24, 2017: This story is worth checking out. I’m a sucker for inhuman demon stories and this one takes the cake. Take a demon training in a killing tower for 300 years and drop her in a medieval fantasy world and see what happens. A lot of intricacy squirms underneath a seemingly simple story of an amoral demon looking for her roots.

The demon is cute, her companions are appropriately charmed and fearful of her, and the villains can be easily understood. The setting is a fusion of Wuxia (martial cultivation) and western fantasy.

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Interesting and fun!

By Lightmaker98, member

Oct 10, 2016: This story is a fun tale of a weak to strong MC. The author does a great job of blending in emotional effects and struggles during the story that cause the reader to feel more intimate and relatable to the characters. Overall a wonderful read!

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