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The Dragon Wars Saga by Becka Sutton

A group of British teens struggle to end a war which started ten thousand years ago

Weird events have beset the Stevens Quadruplets since infancy. But nothing can prepare them for the day they open their door and find another world outside. A world inhabited by intelligent mythical creatures, most of whom are hostile to humanity. And it seems they are expected to save it from disaster. Even with the help of their bonded ‘heart . . .

A series.  Recommended by Sora.
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Fantastic Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jul 30, 2015: Artoris is a fantasy story following a young man, Nik, and a number of his friends, who show up in the story one by one. It’s one of these stories that starts off with a simple set of ideas, but that the authors gradually add more and more detail to, and between the great characterization and slow unveiling of their fantasy realm, they sucked me in completely.

The main idea of the story lies in the tension between one group of [more . . .]

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Somewhere between okay and good, needs time to mature

By TanaNari, author of Price

Nov 15, 2015: The purple prose is strong with this one, especially at first. It’s not a painful read, like some I’ve reviewed before, but it’s a slow read. Most chapters could be cut in half without costing a single important detail.

The overall numbers are a straight 3.5 in every arena- more than adequate, good even, but needing time and improvement. I almost wish I’d come to this story later, after seeing where the plot was taking itself . . . then I might be able to [more . . .]

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