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Random Editorial Review

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We’re not in Oz either.

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jul 29, 2010: Naive Art – simple, bold, almost cartoony, but there’s more subtlety to it than it appears at first. This is the analogy – not a perfect one – that comes to mind when I try to think how to describe the style of this story.

Four teens stumble into another world, which needs them to save it for some reason. They are soon attacked, and a dark knight appears. First impressions: it’s rather cliched, doesn’t seem very deep, but there’s something [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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No title

By White Tiger, member

Nov 29, 2014: This is a wonderfully written story with well built characters and story lines. The plot is intricate, with attention to detail but not over complex or hard to follow. I love the easy balance between fantasy and the modern setting and the development of the story line is just right. Each week leaves you wanting more and anticipating the next instalment.

I love Lydia and Dan best, but the dynamic between the quadruplets is so cool and, uniquely, the main characters [more . . .]

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