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Random Editorial Review

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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Sep 2, 2013: The Rebirth of a Dragon is a fantasy story in which a previously fairly ordinary high school student, Seth, is forced to come to the realization that many of the people in the world around him aren’t exactly human, including, perhaps, himself. The agent of change in his story is another student, Josephine, a recent transfer into Seth’s high school. The two main characters are fairly well developed in the story as published so far, and I enjoyed reading about them. The story itself is lively and adventurous, definitely interesting [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Not Sure What’s Going On

By JPV1000, author of Warbler

Nov 12, 2015: So basically, there’s no direction or plot to this. It advertises itself as ‘Dark Fantasy’, but the only dark parts of it are the facts that these characters are enslaving a goblin, and a bad rape joke. I’m not even sure who I’m supposed to be rooting for here . . . The characters can’t really be distinguished, and while the writing’s pleasant enough to follow I suppose, there’s no purpose to it. It starts with a drake attacking a village, which it can destroy as it is a ‘Crystal Host’, yet we never [more . . .]

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