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A story with just the right amount of comedy and romace

By Maniac302, member

Aug 23, 2016: Don’t let the title confuse you, this is a great story, and the title will make sense very quickly.

The story starts of with the goofy comedy in full swing, with just the right amount of seriousness mixed in. Don’t forget the perverted hi-jinks. The best spell I have ever heard of is in this book.

While the story is heavily laced with comedy, there are good, serious, dramatic scenes, that will draw you in to the story, and make you feel for the characters.

There is good pacing, with serious chapters and light/comedy chapters of everyday life for the characters keeping a nice pace between each other.

Oh, and this is the best application of a truly OP (Overpowered) character that I have ever seen. It is done tastefully, and not flaunted or abused.

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