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The Final Ark by The Blacksmith's Apprentice

In this grimdark tale, heroes are vanquished.

This is an online epic fantasy sequence set in a massive grimdark universe which experiments its transition towards a steampunk era. Kel, once a candid soldier, wakes up in the future of this fantasy world where heroism is a career and where he is worshiped as a semi-legendary demigod. He must stop seven apocalypses, each having its roots in his . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes twice weekly.
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Metal Shadow by Kevin A.M. Lewis

An action-packed epic fantasy

The Red Threat has invaded Gilta Nnea. Nine heroes are prophesied to defeat him, but no one knows who they are. When a journey to the Hollowlands unites players in an all-out war, the stage is set for the heroes’ rise. This is their battle. . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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