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Blood Sprawl by Omega 5

The year is 2084. In the aftermath of the War the world has changed. Humans are tagged and tracked like cattle. The megacorporations control everything. Any vice a person wants to indulge in can be had for a price. People enhance themselves with technology, cybernetics and neural implants, sometimes to the extreme. Danger lurks around every corner and you never . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Bone Wires by Michael Shean

The Spine Thief Awaits

In the wasteland of commercial culture that is future America, police are operated not by government but by private companies. In Seattle, that role is filled by Civil Protection, and Daniel Gray is a detective in Homicide Solutions. What used to be considered an important – even glamorous – department for public police is very different for the corporate . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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The Human Camera by Moe McLendon

Why would a man abandon his volition to become a camera? How would cinema change if it recorded feelings as well as sight and sound? “The Human Camera” is a book about how people become machines, and machines become people. It takes place sometime in the early 22nd century, and deals with a man who becomes a cinema camera, . . .

A serialized novel, updating monthly.
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Economies of Scale by Grey

In an underfunded, understaffed, and increasingly cybernetically enhanced police department, Detective Inspector Jacqueline Hobbes feels like the last person in Califresco who gives a damn about justice. When she’s ordered to report a broken strike as a gang shootout and let corporate security get away with the massacre, she decides to pull threads she wasn’t meant to, and what . . .

A serialized novel, updating infrequently.
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Pulsing Horizons by Mason Turner

Pulsing Horizons is a cyberpunk web serial that tells the story of a near-future city-state as it crumbles into anarchy and rebellion. It follows Darin, a young man who finds himself at the center of the rebellion and attempts to clear his name through the chaos. . . .

A serialized novel, updating sporadically.
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Dominion by JL Bryan

In a near-future, totalitarian America, a TV “news” reporter begins to uncover how the regime uses propaganda and psychological operations to control the minds of the public. Note: Only the first five chapters are available on the website. The complete novel is available as a PDF. . . .

A complete pdf novel.
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Chosen Shackles by Shaeor

The screen is running static. Face your shadow.

The future came in devastation, but we bury it in the lights now, to forget. It was better once, they tell us not to say. Now, at the end of our century, we’ve rebuilt. The city neon glows brighter and casts a shadow deeper on the world. This is just the beginning. In the Eastern Pacific, a sickness . . .

A complete novel.
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Graves by L. E. Erickson

Using the power of the dead to protect the freedom of the living.

Legally, Daria should turn herself in to Ardica City’s LM4 Processing Agency, which is tasked with ensuring that those with the ability to tap into the energy left behind by the ghosts of the dead will use their abilities only for the good of the people. But despite heavy-handed government measures, the threat of war beyond Ardica’s walls, the manipulations . . .

A complete series.
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<Part of the System>

By Kraken Attacken, member

Aug 10, 2018: Atmosphere . . . Adrenaline . . . Amphetamines . . . Augments . . . 

Cerebral-immersion . . . Cyberization . . . Chemical Enhancement . . . 

Downloads . . . Digital Environments . . . Decryption . . . Demons . . . 

Signals . . . Static . . .  . . .  . . . .Spicy Noodles . . . 

As I sat before my darkly-lit screen, drinking in the imaginings of electronic vapour and dystopia, these words played across my mind and consciousness. Cyberpunk, dystopian stories, and Grungy digital futures have always been thrilling to me, especially when they de[more . . .]

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