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Stark and CRAAZY!

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 28, 2013: Whoa, I thought, reading the blurb for this story, assassin teenagers? Really? Yes, really. In this story, you don’t just suspend disbelief. Disbelief runs away and cowers in a corner, along with morality. The "good guys(?)" are worse than most bad guys. It’s its own breakneck, crazy, ultraviolent world. Well, maybe Tarantino would be at home there.

The narration is very spare and stark. For example:

"Piles of bodies in the streets. Debris throught the city. The smell of decay filling the air. As I ran back to the apartment, these were just a few of the things that I experienced."

And the plot doesn’t flow. It HURTLES.

Some people will like this, some won’t. Did I like it? Yes, I quite did. It’s original, and probably the sort of thing you will only read in webfiction.

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