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From a political opponent

By Minichirops, member

Feb 28, 2019: Excessively well written.

I can’t speak highly enough of his world-building—he merges pop culture and deeply classical fantasy, and mixes in enough humor to annoy anyone sitting next to me while I read his work.

I disagree strongly with the author on some of his political views, which are made quite clear in his comment sections, and in some of the ideologies of his characters. The opposition is lightly touched upon at best, and demonized at worst. But I still have to like him, because his characters show integrity and ethic and are generally too compelling to find fault with.

It isn’t common to find someone who can fail to portray both sides fairly, on the side opposite your own views, that can also keep you coming back for more. This is a good writer, and probably a good person, whose basic intelligence and decency shine through his work.

On the off chance you ever read this, D. D. Webb, you’re an excellent writer, and I hope your career continues even after this serial comes to its inevitable, majestic, conclusion.

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