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Story with potential but i didn’t like the characters

By robertotest26, member

Feb 16, 2019: I wil say this, the author has talent, the world has some interisting concepts that i like. The aproach that the problems can be solve with a diferent solution besides violence is always welcome plus decisions have ramifications. Also that the characters have their flaws so they can grow throught out the tale is good too.

Having said that, I didn’t quite actually like it, the only character that i loved was the thieve priest. The moments were i truly enjoyed the story was when he was the mc. I stoped, lets say, in the resolution of an arc that ends with the paladin making mandatory to her order to offer refuge to all women (i don’t want to give spoilers).

I didn’t like the story because the way of thinking of most characters was to much teenager. There were a few hipocrite statements that no one seems to point out.

I understand also that the author has this flaws or lies in the main cast way of thinking so we can emphatize with them and see them overcome their shortcomings in the story, but god i can’t read 15 volumes so then i can start liking the main cast!!. He is so good in that, that i can hardly like any character.

The paladin is to narrow thinking, the priest is to passive (to many times he was more like an extra), the half demon was decent but i don’t know why the author makes him act dumb so repetidly, there is also a few instances where he could point out flaws in others arguments and perspectives but for some reason he didn’t. In his group he is the more likely character to do it besides the pirate. The bard and the drow to engrossed in their own fiction of reality respectively. The pirate interesting but less time in the reflector than paladin. etc

The only character that i truly like was the thieve priest but he appears to little to make me push through till the good part

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