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Gathering of the Gifts by Robert William Shmigelsky

The weight of Ages--in the hands of a temporal knight.

Seven godly gifts were bestowed on a world of light destined to be set on by darkness. When a famed sorceress-clairvoyant dreams up the memories she has of her daring captain, freeing him from his temporal prison, it is up to him to gather them and trade seven godly gifts for one wish. . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes almost daily.
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Elf Life by Carson Fire

Webcomic fantasy epic turned webfiction.

It’s just another day in the forest for the elves. The time-travelling elf hero has given up the heroing business, but it turns out that he’s made a lot of enemies over the eons . . . and they’ve got long memories. . . .

A series.
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The Kingdom of Lothere by Jenny

An ongoing historical fantasy story set in the north of England in the decades following the Norman Conquest. The story is illustrated with screenshots from The Sims 2, and published chapter-​by-​chapter on the Web. . . .

A series.
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The Watchmage of Old New York by C. A. Sanders

The Dresden Files meets Buffy:TVS meets Gangs of New York

Nathaniel Hood is a very busy man. He is the Watchmage—half policeman, half wet nurse—for the entire magical population of New York City. As the young city grows, hundreds of supernatural creatures immigate every year, making his life that much more annoying. In the first planned story arc, the baby of a wealthy human couple is kidnapped, Nathaniel suspects . . .

A complete series.
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The Adventures of Black Mask & Pale Rider by Tim Holtorf

Elven magic meets gunslinger grit. What happens when two elven travellers find themselves in the United States in the middle of the Civil War? The Adventures of Black Mask and Pale Rider tells the story of two elven women who’s curiosity gets the better of them. The wild ride takes them from the Union to the Confederacy and back again. . . .

A complete pdf series.
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Lyssa’s Tale by Zodi Mitchell

One elf's tale as she discovers herself and her friends.

Lyssa Stormwater has known hardships. From the highs and lows of her downtrodden upbringing, to life on the streets of Stonebridge. The friends she makes, the loves she finds, and the obstacles she overcomes. This is Lyssa’s Tale. . . .

An abandoned series.
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Fantasy Parody

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jun 10, 2013: I’ve been struggling with the idea of writing this review for a while, and putting it off as I read more and more chapters, hoping that I’d finally be able to connect with this story. I finally came to the conclusion that it’s just not my thing, but it may work for others.

The story follows three elves, the nominal main character Baughb, the nerdy and courage-impaired Airek, and Airek’s best friend, Filis, who is in most ways the opposite of [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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A bit stilted, but not -that- bad.

By Rika Covenant, member

Apr 1, 2013: A bit stilted, but seems to be a good read nontheless. Seems to be in the same general concept vein as Dresden Files, but over in New York instead of Chicago, amongst many other smaller differences.

The flow of the reading is a bit stymied at times, getting interrupted by a plethora of periods chopping each paragraph into a multitude of shorter sentences than one usually expects to see, It feels like the world-building is a bit too dry and technical, [more . . .]

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