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A bit stilted, but not -that- bad.

By Rika Covenant, member

Apr 1, 2013: A bit stilted, but seems to be a good read nontheless. Seems to be in the same general concept vein as Dresden Files, but over in New York instead of Chicago, amongst many other smaller differences.

The flow of the reading is a bit stymied at times, getting interrupted by a plethora of periods chopping each paragraph into a multitude of shorter sentences than one usually expects to see, It feels like the world-building is a bit too dry and technical, eschewing the emotional atachment that the characters might have for things in favour of giving a technical description to set the story as quickly as possible.

If you don’t mind going through the (free) registration process and enjoy stories of magic in mundanity, and can bear or enjoy the style (At least give the first chapter a read to get a feel for it) then I’d recommend at least giving it a once-through. If you can’t find yourself enjoying the style, then you might want to give it a pass.

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