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By aarongertler, member

Mar 14, 2018: A big sprawling webfiction ensemble piece, best read over a long weekend.

The Gods Are Bastards takes place in a swords-and-sorcery world as it goes from epic fantasy to Western, complete with gunslingers and dangerous trains. There are more than twenty different protagonists; they all speak in distinct voices and hold very different philosophies. Every character, protagonist or not, might surprise you if you let your guard down and start to make assumptions.

On a narrative level, there’s a lot of focus on the interactions between a group of friends, giving an emotional core to a story that spans thousands of years and dozens of cities. We see the machinations of demigods alongside the personal problems of college students, and it all fits together nicely. No one scale overwhelms the others.

The book isn’t over yet, but it’s still worth starting now (since it’s about 400 chapters long, and it’s only going to get longer). There are a few chapters I’ve saved to reread as perfect examples of how to capture a certain emotion, or how to write a fight scene, and I think you’ll find those chapters (or others!) worth the journey.

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