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Random Editorial Review

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7 cars, 253 characters, and a crash

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Jan 24, 2009: Let me start off by saying that 253 is most definitely not going to be for everyone. Its greatest appeal is characterization. There isn’t much of a plot, and what plot there is is decidedly non-linear. Readers looking for continuous action, a central plot, a main character, or really, anything resembling a traditional story, will probably feel a bit lost.

However, for a certain type of reader, this story is like a great big box of presents—open the top and inside [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Deeper into the rabbit-hole

By EramosE, author of Kaiserin

Oct 19, 2013: After Addergoole I didn’t think twice to start reading Addergoole 9, same dark setting, same twisted rules, same mind control, but not quite the same story. Instead of following just three characters through their first year at school now we follow all the students of year 9. The stories are great, the setting too, but its just frustrating, having so many characters you feel like you just don’t have enough, just glimpses of the whole story with pieces of every individual story, it keeps you wanting more and getting frustrated [more . . .]

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