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Oceans of Shelter by J.A. Waters

Nalan's people seek singers of god-power, but Nuette just seeks home and parents.

Galania. A kingdom that stretches from oceans in the west to seas in the east. Its people hum with the energy of a new age. Technology is thriving as scientists harness the powers of gods for new creations. Cities glow with light that does not flicker and nations grow under the thumb of a network of continental planners. And . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically.
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An intriguing tale that transmutes the contrived into charm.

By Patrick Rochefort, member

Feb 1, 2016: The Good: Oceans of Shelter is a story that loves language, and the rhythm thereof. Prose is crafted as much for those values of rhythm and cadence as for the power of the words, and it lends a genuinely magical air to the tale.

The (not actually) Bad: The initial dialogue in the story feels terribly, eye-rollingly contrived, with a great deal of rhyming and stilted dialogue that felt too artful and precious to suit the setting or characters. THIS PAYS [more . . .]

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