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Complex but deep and worthwhile

By Samuel Chapman, author of The Glass Thief

Mar 7, 2017: I’ve been reading Urban Reverie since the beginning, and it’s only gotten more impressive. The author has created a kitchen-sink of a world, where beastly peacekeepers ride airships over skyscrapers, and magical college students rub elbows with winged daemons in between prowling the many planes of reality.

Quinen, a warlock expelled from the Collegium, is sheltering Chrysanthemum, an amnesiac girl whose dangerous origins are clear by the end of the first arc—as is how easily she could start a war between planes just by being in the city of Throne at all. Quin’s loyalty to Chrys begins to cost him dearly, but they persist in their quest to find a way for Chrys to acquire a soul.

The story updates weekly, and has only finished one arc, but the story in that one came together impressively, and officially has me hooked. There’s a bit of a learning curve, as the story throws you directly into a setting with both breadth and depth, but if you can handle a China Mieville novel, you’ll find you can manage and thrive in the world of Urban Reverie. The action is great too, as is the moral ambiguity of many of the characters—there are no easy answers here.

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