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The Only City Left: a treat to read

By beardlovinglady, member

Sep 9, 2012: The Only City Left is a story which will capture you from the beginning with survival action and drama in a rich described science-fiction/fantasy world which is like the title suggests one big layered city.

We follow the adventures of the young adult Allin Arcady on his bumpy road of finding his own path in this dangerous setting accompanied by a bunch of creatures ranging from wonderful to creepy.

The interaction between the dialogues and Allins’ thoughts is very lively. The balance of attention for nice details (like the making of gerrybrook juice and kittens practising Aikido) without slowing down the pacing of the story is also great.

The writer, Andy Goldman guides his readers with lots of pleasure through his site and regularly offers a synopsis of the story so far. So beware, this serial unfolds once a week leaving you with an urge to find out more!

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