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A Great Fantasy Ride

By Linda Schoales, editor

Jan 7, 2009: Darkside is a really fun read with non-stop action, fast dialogue and characters you want to spend time with.

James Decker, Our Hero and narrator, is a middle manager and all-around nice guy who gets shot while rescuing a teenager from her attackers. He dies but isn’t “dead-dead”. He’s still a part of this world. Plus, he can now see ghosts, trolls, and all sorts of other supernatural beasties. In fact, the ghosts of his father and grandfather soon appear to [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Funny And Insightful

By robertotest26, member

Feb 16, 2019: Is you are a racional individual and open minded i believe you can enjoy the story. Don’t take it too seriously just enjoy the good stuff and tolerate the bad (there are moments in the story that are subpar but there are few in my opinion). The MC is a cynical prick, His way of expresing his ideas to both readers and characters is with a variation of sarcams, pessimism and self deprecation but even then you would enjoy his take on the world both because there are very funny [more . . .]

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