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A Magical Experience

By Remember, author of Dragon Queen

Mar 14, 2015: Pact is Wildbow’s second serial, and is an urban fantasy novel. I love fantasy, myself, and so I enjoyed Pact even more than the writer’s first serial, Worm. Pact is the story of Blake Thorburn, a young man who is made the caretaker of a house that was owned by a diabolist. And the diabolist was his grandmother. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. Setting: The setting of Pact is truly a work of art. It contains fascinating magic, a well developed invented town (Jacob’s Bell), and history that is an integral part of the story. Prose Quality: Wildbow has greatly improved his prose since the start of Worm. The sentence structures are varied enough to keep the reader interested without being unclear, and they also help communicate the mood and tone of the story. One minor complaint about the prose: toward the end of the serial, the author starts italicizing words for emphasis up to 80 times in one update (16.10, I counted). Plot: There are things that are truly wonderful about the plot. Foreshadowing is everywhere, twists are difficult to predict but make sense, and there is far more to conflict than hack-n-slash. But there are parts in the first half of the story that drag on for a ridiculous amount of time. Character Development: This is where the story is most likely to fall flat with readers. Very few characters are given any character development until the second half of the serial. So many characters are introduced but minimally characterized that the reader likely won’t remember who they are. In conclusion: The first half of the serial has significant problems, but the second half is pure gold. Do yourself a favor and check Wildbow’s writings out. If you fear large archives, the author also started a new serial:

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