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Charming Urban Fantasy

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

May 5, 2018: 53 Ganymede is an unwinding tale told in vivid snippets of a young woman’s life as she starts over after a devastating personal loss. We follow Claire as she moves to a new city, and I was struck first by the way the author establishes a strong sense of place and feeling for her readers. She not only does so thorough a job of describing the city that I feel like I’m there with Claire, she is able to convey a lot of the feeling of being there through her words.

I also really like the way the author slowly teases out the details of Claire’s life, and the lives of the other people she ends up living with at 53 Ganymede. The way the author makes us feel at home, yet curious about the story’s surroundings, while unraveling Claire’s story, as well as those she meets is masterful.

At first, I’d only intended to read enough of the story to give a First Look review, but it sucked me in and I’d gotten to the end of the available chapters in short order (currently in the middle of its second season). Along with the things I liked above, I think the other way the author got me involved was the way Claire did – somehow stepping into a place where subtle magic exists, and where there are fascinating mysteries behind every street corner. One of the things I liked in particular about this series was that it flouts a lot of the urban fantasy convention of often having some pretty dark things going on. Somehow, the author has made the story feel comforting and inviting while still adding elements of magic and mystery that urban fantasy thrives on. I have to admit, I’m hooked and looking forward to more.

In general, my hat’s off to this author, and I’d recommend this story to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy, or even fantasy in general. I also think those who enjoy slice-of-life types of stories would enjoy this one, too, as well as anyone who enjoys good storytelling with loving attention to detail on surroundings, especially.

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