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By ValkyriePhoenix, member

Jul 19, 2013: I have spent the last year and a half reading, loving, and begging every one of my irl friends to read Mirrorverse. Here’s why:

The Mirrorverse series of five books, with one and a half re-written for publication, and a sixth one in progress as well, is a highly unusual tale of a less than usual world and the most unlikely hero imaginable. This heroine is no awkward-yet-attractive noble soul, nor a villainess-turned-good; she’s a socially inept twenty-two year old hacker who looks like a twelve year old boy, has a voice in her head, and is largely incapable of most normal things. She lives off of ramen, absurdly sugared coffee, and chocolate chip cookies. She’s incompetent, unattractive, crazier-than-a-bag-of-cats, and dislikes people in general and human society in specific. She’s also the most realistically written character I’ve read in . . . well, ever.

Naturally, there’s plenty of drama. There’s also action galore as this totally unprepared woman gets caught in the midst of a silent war between "reality" and magic, aided by angels, imaginary friends, classic literature, faeries and even a few humans. And, if that’s not enough to make you read it, when you aren’t gripping the edge of your seat, bawling your eyes out, or cursing the author for the evil, Evil woman she is, you’ll be sniggering, rolling on the floor laughing, and reading whole pages aloud when your friends ask what you’re laughing about because the comedy and geek references only ever stop for major plot development, and not always even then. The author is clearly a fan of Peter Pan, Narnia, StarTrek, StarWars, Sailor Moon, Hitchhiker’s Guide, Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Zelda, LoLcats . . . the list goes on.

An absolute must-read for anyone on the internet.

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