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Fall from grace by Ron C. Nieto

They both want to save the world. Together, they might destroy it.

People believe the world will go out with a bang. People expect it to be crushed under ever-rising waves, to burn in an inferno of all-encompassing flame, to be torn asunder by the same forces that created it. No one ever thought it would be as gentle as a door sliding open. No one suspected the beginning of the . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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The Dreaming by Tieshaunn Tanner

Knowledge is Freedom

The Dreaming is an Urban Fantasy and Horror story, taking place in the small South England town of Sterlingwood, where old and new dangers lurk, trying to win an old game that is soon to reach its conclusion – and our young protagonists inserts herself into it, not knowing what she’s in for – but no one else knows what . . .

A serialized novel, updating infrequently.
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Sin Eater by Emma Mohr

Out of desperation to save her dying son, Grace Barnes sells her soul to Lucifer. In doing so, she becomes his sin eater as well as the alpha to a family of hellhounds. She is thrust into a world she never believed existed with Lucifer’s enemies already hot on her trail and a very persistent detective. . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly.
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Fun As Hell

By JPV1000, author of Warbler

Nov 4, 2015: Sin Eater is a fun read. Honestly, I don’t get what all the 2-star ratings of Arc 1 are about. Sure, there are some issues, especially with exposition, and the Hellhouds feel vaguely superfluous, but it’s very well paced. One of the big things that has also been stressed is that yes, Lucifer is doing things that seem to be producing net good in the world. He saves a child’s life, then has his Sin Eater slay a serial killer. So yeah, she killed like three other people, but those [more . . .]

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