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Fairies invade my hometown! eek!

By MeiLin Miranda, author of The Machine God

Dec 6, 2009: I just started reading this, primarily because it’s set in my hometown of Portland. I’m not very far in, but I’m already hooked.

Con: It’s written in present tense, which is hard to pull off and usually annoys me.

Pro: Kip’s pulling it off, using it to write cinematically rather than dramatically, if that makes any sense.

If ever a town could plausibly contain fae, Portland is it. We are a weird, weird little city, bookish and green, and so far, this is a weird, oddly plausible, charming story—"charming" in the full sense of the word—and very, very Portland.

Update: I’m well into No. 6. I’ve uprated a half-star. This is a fantastic story. The only reason I’m not giving it the five stars it probably deserves is that at times Kip’s prose style makes it hard to tell the characters apart—and there are a LOT of characters. (This is "The Fairy Queen" meets "The Young and the Restless.") There are too many "little guys" and "big guys" to keep track of sometimes, for instance.

Full disclosure: Kip and I apparently knew one another a long time ago. We were such good friends we completely forgot about each other’s existence for 15 years, and when we reconnected via this story, we had to really dig to figure out why our names were familiar to one another. When I started this review, I had no idea we knew one another, but since I’ve found out, transparency’s always the best policy.

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