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By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Apr 22, 2018: When I was asked to review this story, I was happy when I found it wasn’t listed here but only on RoyalRoad as it gave me an excuse not to review it. Despite that, for a reason I can’t explain, I read many entries in this fiction.

In retrospect, my only possible reason for that is because I must be something of a masochist.

The Diary of Erica Kron is diaryfic and particularly bad diaryfic at that. The titular Erica is some kind of sprite who can feed mana into plants to make them grow. The world is generic to the point of absurdity, when it is even acknowledged at all. The prose is flat and lifeless and riddled with spelling errors and grammatical flaws (even above in the blurb submitted by the author!) The entries of the diary frequently consist of nothing happening (the story flows like molasses in ‘real time’) and always consist of a rambling stream of consciousness that read more like a monologue than someone actually writing. It is steeped in the cliches, tropes and genre trappings that RoyalRoad audiences like and expect, meaning everyone talks like its a video game (‘I must improve my mana regeneration and make armor that boosts his vitality.’)

This is a bad story. It is boring, it is cliche, it is uninspired. It is flat, flaccid and facile. I question its listing here given the accessible statistics on its main site but also on the grounds of basic quality.

There is absolutely nothing I can say about this fiction that is a worthwhile positive. I suppose the fact that it isn’t illegible and that the author has maintained a consistent output are the closest I can come to—but those are very low bars. I suppose, also, that it provides insight into the culture of RRL.

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