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Fantasy Buddy Movie

By Palladian, author of Super

Sep 18, 2012: Although I’ve only read the first of three parts of Eikasia, I wanted to review it now so that I could let everyone know how much I love it so far. I may as well say I inhaled the first part of this story, because once I started reading it, it was difficult to stop. I was drawn in right away by the way the author made the two main characters, Nyx and Elmiryn, so real. She’s written them into reality: good qualities, problems, bad habits and all, and I found I could relate to them right away.

The dialogue between them was one of the things that drew me in, as well. Their conversations span the playful to the dead serious and everywhere in between, and the author does a very good job of developing the voice of each characters completely differently. I also really liked the skillful way she gradually reveals each of them, starting with everything you can see from the outside and little by little, as they become comfortable with one another, filling out the picture of who they are and what path their previous lives took.

The plot itself is interesting, starting with the saving of a life and setting out on a quest, and gets more complicated from there. The author is also good at throwing in interesting plot twists as the story unfolds, so that readers can’t be absolutely sure they know where the story is going next.

The one thing that bothered me about the story so far is the way the author chooses to write some confused/disordered thinking of the main characters. It was interesting at first, in the manner of a curiosity, but there was enough of it that I felt I’d already gotten the sense of what she was trying to convey and it seemed a bit tedious. I have to admit that I skimmed through some of those sections, which is, I know, not what an author would want to hear. If there’s some way to condense some of those sections, it might benefit some of your readers.

At any rate, I’d definitely recommend this story to fantasy fans, especially those interested in female-centric stories, and anyone who’s fond of the ‘buddy movie’ type of story, which I found myself thinking of at various times as I read this piece. All in all, a compelling and fairly polished story.

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