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Random Editorial Review

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A fun story

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Feb 5, 2011: If there’s one type of tale that’s almost as prevalent as zombie stories these days, it’s explorations of what it might be like to be a young superhero in training. There are many fine examples of that genre on WFG, and once again, although it wasn’t a subject I’d seek out, once I started reading Secret Identities I was fascinated.

In this world, the select few born with supernatural abilities that qualify are invited to enter an elite program at the [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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The first book in an EPIC series..!

By Seastallion, member

Apr 23, 2016: This is the first book in an amazing series, sometimes called the Firestaff Series. Or the Tarrin Kael Chronicals. Regardless of which overall title you prefer, it is very well written, has a highly detailed world, a large cast of characters, and combined with the 7 other books, a long but very enjoyable length. The author (Fel aka James Galloway), is also currently writing a short story that takes place post series, that is also turning out very nicely. I would however HIGHLY recommend that you read the entire [more . . .]

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