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Can I transfer to this school?

By MaddiroseX, author of Twisted Cogs

Apr 23, 2014: [Note of disclosure: I have assisted in editing Raising Angels for grammar, thus this review is not 100% unbiased]

Raising Angels is, at its heart, the story of a girl just trying to get through her first year of college, making friends, attending floor meetings, dealing with college drama. Of course the girl is an Angel with the power to enter dreams, her dorm is Mind Hall just next to the dwarves’ dorm, her floormates are telepathic and her RA can generate fire from her fingertips.

The world of Raising Angels is charmingly matter-of-fact about its magical elements, and for a story about telepaths and dreamwalkers it is surprisingly realistic when it comes to its characters and settings. The dorm feels like a real dorm, and the friends and acquaintances that the protagonist Lisbeth makes feel very real as well.

At the time of this review only Eleven chapters have been posted, but so far the story is moving along nicely, dealing with the little dramas of college life and nicely hinting at darker, more overarching storylines to come. I would highly recommend Raising Angels to anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy or slice-of-life school dramas.

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