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Rat Nothing by Evan Marcroft

"Don't fear the future. The past has destroyed you already" 

On the broken world of Nelga Nense, there is a city on the sea called Sabot, where monsters are manufactured, where the sky-blackening machines of industry are powered by beating hearts. It is a city where the whims of the weather rewrite reality, where magic is wielded only by those who sacrifice their humanity to it. Battling gangs paint the streets with blood; factories burn up workers like coal. It is a city where the common masses live imprisoned beneath brutal police, scheming nobility, and an iron-hearted ruler. There is no change. Only fear. Anger.

In this city, four moments in four lives unfold: a princess is stolen from her life of luxury, and must become another person to survive Sabot’s hungry slums; a musician turns terrorist when pushed too far; a secret assignment compels a detective to question his loyalty to his city; a politician in a dead-end office hungers for more power, and will obtain it by any means. Their stories are one story- of betrayal, of revenge, of sacrifice and loss, of a revolution, of a conspiracy . . . of a war.

Judgement is coming to the city of Sabot, and these four will decide the sentence of a city that is almost- but not quite- beyond saving.

Book One of Rat Nothing is complete as of December 2015.

Note: Rat Nothing contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel

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Listed: Dec 20, 2014


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A Wonderfully Complex Narrative (But Confusing Terminology!)

By E_Foster, author of Cages

Feb 3, 2015: On the surface, Rat Nothing tells the story of four individuals navigating—with varying degrees of success—a dirty and dangerous city. But because each character occupies a different social strata with in this world, this story is ultimately a rather clever exploration of all aspects of a society on the precipice of change. While the four story lines are not always equal in quality, the ambition and scope of this project are both commendable and compelling.

The world that the author builds [more . . .]

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Deliciously Vicious

By J.A. Waters, author of From the Moon: Home

Mar 2, 2015: Sabot is a living breathing monster born from a thousand words mashed into context and lexical clues. Fictional names for fictional things have a fitting pattern to them of type of person or kind of creature that provides understanding while being completely new and vibrant. Then enter Rat, a vicious byproduct of a city where everything is a turf war and nothing lives uncorrupted. She occupies the space of life that isn’t living, its survival. Only the streets truly know her ache and beaten soul, but stone is a silent [more . . .]

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Tough to read, but an interesting tale

By Nina Santucci, author of Fooled

Dec 27, 2014: Okay, well here is my first review for Web Fiction Guide, hopefully it is helpful.

I need to start off by saying that I only read Chapter 1. This story is posted on the website Jukepop, which apparently requires readers to sign up if they want to read anything past chapter 1. I would have liked to read more, but I was not interested enough to go through the annoying process of creating and verifying an account. In my opinion, the [more . . .]

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