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Sam is large and contains multitudes. The former because his wife is a hell of a cook, the latter because he's spent his life bopping from job to job while carving out his writerly niche. Fans of old school D&D may remember his writing from such classics as Black Flames and the Astromundi Cluster. If you're from the Pacific Northwest, maybe he delivered a pizza to your doorstep in the middle of a blizzard or sold you that snazzy 4x4. While hiding out in the Midwest, Sam disguised himself as a cable guy for most of a year and learned that any job that brings one into close contact with both meth heads and copperheads is a job best left to others. For the past few years, Sam has been baking in the Texas sun while worming his way ever deeper into the bowels of Big IT.

Which brings us to Half-Made Girls, a dark tale about a man with a job he doesn't want, a family he doesn't know how to trust, and a whole pack of vengeful maniacs coming home to roost.


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